No Need for Disruptive Site Visits

If your system is not properly maintained it will have more problems and deteriorate over time. This interrupts your day and stops you from getting things done.

It is reassuring to have a technician come to your offices every month. We understand this because we used to do it. Then we realised it was expensive and disruptive for our customers.

Now we use a suite of tools to carry out all system maintenance from our offices. This means that optimising your system can be carried out far more regularly. In fact, we are maintaining our customers’ systems every day of the week.

We also automate a great deal of this work so that it runs outside normal working hours and doesn’t prevent your staff from working.

As part of our fixed price support service we regularly tune, reboot, update, patch and scan all the machines we look after. This keeps them operational for longer and that makes your business even more productive.