Recover Your Entire System in Minutes

Many business will never fully recover from the devastating impact of a disaster, and some will close down permanently. Without a contingency plan your business is at risk from events such as fire, theft and flooding; but also from less obvious disasters like data encryption by malware, serious system hardware failures and malicious data deletion by a member of staff.

Our business continuity service is a mixture of technology and processes that ensures your entire system can be recovered in a very short space of time. We implement a device on your network, and storage in the cloud, and use these to make regular copies of your most important machines throughout the day.

If something bad happens these copies can be turned into a working machine in minutes. That means your team can be quickly reconnected and you have one less thing to worry about.

We monitor and maintain the entire solution to ensure that it is working properly. From time to time we will perform a disaster recovery test. A copy of each of your protected machines is invoked and you get a chance to connect to it to ensure that everything is working as expected.

Our business continuity service enhances the resilience of your business. It protects your system from the devastating effects of a disaster and gives you the best chance of recovery. Even if the worst does happen, we can recover your system in minutes.